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Growing Up

Amber Rain Mathewson was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. Her parents bought her first pony for her when she was 7yrs old.

Amber with Teah

Amber Rain got her first job at the age of 9 at Raccoon Mountain Riding Stables and Trailer Sales.

Amber's 1st day of work

Amber Rain started off as a trail guide on the weekends. At the age of 12, she started home schooling and was able to work longer hours through the week. Amber Rain graduated at 15 and started working full time and soon became the Barn Manager and a Salesperson.


Amber Rain began showing horses at the age of 8, starting with her first pony, Teah. Amber showed Teah in pleasure classes and in timed events.

Amber with Teah showing Western Pleasure and running in a 220 yard race.


Since then, she has showed in many different disciplines.

Amber's family couldn't afford to buy a horse for every discipline, so she learned at an early age how to train her horses to excel in different areas.

Amber with Lady Wildfire showing Barrels and English Pleasure.


Amber with Scout showing Hunter Jumper and Western Halter

Amber also showed Scout in Barrels and the Arena Race and was invited to go to the State Show.

These colors don't run, but Scout sure can.

Training Experience

Amber began breaking colts at the age of 12 while working at Raccoon Mountain Riding Stables.

Amber at age 12

At this age, she also trained Thouroughbreds for the race track and taught them to go in and out of the starting gates.


Amber had the opportunity to meet Pat Parelli at one of his clinics in Atlanta, GA.

Amber and friend with Pat Parelli.

For more info about Pat Parelli, click here.


Amber has attended 4 clinics with David Lee Archer.

Amber had the opportunity to spend a weekend with David Lee at his farm. Amber still contacts David often for advice and to swap training stories.

For more info on David Lee Archer, click here.

David Lee was invited to participate in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth, Texas on Sept 22, 2007. Whispering Rain Farms, along with R L Weaver Quarter Horses attended this event as spectators and supporters for David Lee Archer. For more info on the Extreme Mustang Makeover, click here.

Amber and Montana with David Lee Archer at the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Texas.

Whispering Rain Farms is proud to bring you David Lee Archer on July 12-13, 2008. This problem horse clinic will be held at the Dekalb Saddle Club Arena in Ider, AL. See the flyer on the home page. Sign up your problem horse now, or just come to watch. Contact us for more info!


Whisperining Rain Farms attended Clinton Anderson's 2007 Wahl Walkabout Tour, August 4-5, 2007 in Cookville, TN.

Clinton Anderson        Clinton Anderson        Clinton Anderson & Mindy

We had a great time and enjoyed meeting and talking with Clinton.

Here is Amber and Montana with Clinton Anderson.

Whispering Rain Farms, along with some of their riding students, attended the Dennis Reis "No Dust Tour" clinic in Decatur, AL on Sat, March 29, 2008.

Amber and Montana posed for a picture with Dennis Reis.

We all had a great time and the students enjoyed meeting Dennis and his wife, Debra.

Savannah, Kelsey and Hollie pose with Dennis and Debra Reis.

For info on Dennis Reis, click here.


In 2000, Amber began working for Cathy Herrin at Cathy's Performance Horses where she helped work and train horses for the AQHA horse shows.

Amber worked for Cathy for 5 years and lived on the premises of Cathy's farm.

She had the opportunity to work with horses that competed in the AQHA World Show.

At Cathy's Perfomance Horses, they trained horses for Halter, English Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, and many other disciplines.




In 2001, Amber helped local trainer, Donald Avans from Dade County, GA.

Donald was in an unfortunate accident that left him unable to ride and train his horses.

Donald knew that Amber had a gentle way with horses and asked her to train his AQHA filly, Freckles Solo Zip.

Amber trained Solo for Western Pleasure and carried her to her first horse show.






Since then, Amber has worked with many horses.

Horses that needed gentling,

Started under saddle,

Fine-tuned for the show ring,

or that simply needed better trail riding manners.


Amber met her husband, Jamie in Dec 2004.

Born and raised in South Africa, Jamie had moved to the states and was living in Florida when mutual friends set them up for a blind date.

Jamie and Amber fell in love the moment that they met.

Jamie and Amber's first date in Fort Myers, FL

Jamie and Amber's 1st skydive together.

Jamie and Amber married on January 22, 2006 in South Africa.

Jamie and Amber at Blyde River Canyon on their honeymoon in South Africa


On April 2, 2007, Amber gave birth to their beautiful daughter, Montana Rain Mathewson!!!

Jamie, Amber and Montana, moments after birth.

Montana Rain at 13 months imprinting her first foal (with the help of Grandmother)


Amber now lives in Henagar, AL with her wonderful husband, Jamie, and their beautiful daughter, Montana Rain.

808 County Road 762

Henagar, AL 35978