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The Tale of "The Mighty Thorn Bush Tail"

Posted by whisperingrainfarms on June 4, 2010 at 11:59 AM

I just rescued poor Trouper from "The mighty thorn bush tail!"


I think it started off with Trouper and Surfer playing. I watched them pick at each other and then start running and such. I was standing in the back door way watching them play. Then, they ran around the back of the barn and the next time I saw them, Trouper was running for his life!!


He kept kicking out, but not in a bucking way. Then, I noticed he had a large stick dragging from his tail. I watched for a minute thinking it would come off, but it didn't.


I went out into the pasture (in my flip flops and shorts, mind you) to try to help him. That's when I realized it was a sticker bush.


He saw me and he came running to me. Just as he started to slow down when he got to me, his tail must have caught up with him because he bolted forward and off he went again. This happened a few times and I was afraid he would kick out as he went by me, aiming at the thorn bush. He never did, but I couldn't help him because he was too afraid to stand still. I think he had already scratched his legs up with the thorns and they were probably stinging and he kept swishing his tail, which would only scare him and cut him even more.


I didn't feel safe trying to get it out of his tail, mainly because he wouldn't stand still, and I figured it he did stand still long enough for me to walk around behind him that he would feel it, kick out and run off.


I came out of the pasture and then Trouper ran around behind the barn again and I heard him run into the stall and then it all got quiet. I went back in and found him and Surfer in the stall and Trouper was still scared to death, but he felt safe in the stall. I broke off a long stick and I went in there and just started rubbing the stick all over him so he would see that that stick wouldn't hurt him. Then, I used my stick to grab the stick in his tail so I could pull it around the side to get it out. It was hard to get it out of his tail, as it was all intertwined, but I did and he never moved a muscle. After it was all out and I gave him his tail back, he tried it out with a few "test swishes" and seemed very relieved to find it was just his own tail back there.



I went up and rubbed on his face a bit and it was covered in sweat. He was still panting also. I held his head to my chest and he just relaxed in my arms. I loved on him for a few minutes and then told him he needed to walk around to cool off. When I walked out, he followed me. I gave him an alfalfa cube bite for a treat. He had the sweetest look of gratitude in his eyes! I think he knew that I had just helped him out of his scary situation.



I went to wash my feet of at the water hose and he came over there. I sprayed the water up into the air and he walked over to where it was coming down and turned his rear end around to it so the water would come down on his rump and back legs. I bet they were stinging from the sweat running into where the thorns had scratched him and he knew the water would help.



It was a nice little bonding moment for me and Trouper. Poor thing is still covered in sweat.



Curse that scary ol' thorn bush stick!!!!!

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